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Question   Our Wedding Continued....
(from previous - it got cut off)
You didn't just take pictures, you somehow managed to capture the atmosphere and emotion of the entire day.

- Lindsey Richardson 5/7/2012 2:11:29 PM

  Answer Thank you, Lindsey. We had a lot of rain, didn't we! But that did not stop us. :)) I loved spending the afternoon with you and Jim...having come all the way from MI to LA (New Orleans). It was a beautiful ceremony, and I thank you both so much for having me as your photographer. All the best!!!

- Kathleen P.  5/7/2012 5:47:02 PM

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Question   Our Wedding
Kathleen - Thank you so much for being part of our wedding day! Even with the rain, everything was perfect and we are so happy that you were able to be there and capture the moments that we will remember forever. You were easy to coordinate with and had great suggestions for both the location and for poses, etc. Even though we had only met minutes before, it felt like we had known you forever and it was so easy to be comfortable with you.
The photos are amazing and every time I look at them it takes me back to that perfect day. You didn

- Lindsey Richardson 5/7/2012 2:08:25 PM

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Question   Your photos
Beautiful work! You have a great eye for capturing the moment KK. I enjoyed my stay.

- Lyle Brown 3/16/2012 8:33:41 PM

  Answer Thank you so very much, Lyle! I really appreciate that you visited and liked what you saw! By the way. Lyle's amazing artwork can be found in Fine Art America. What an artist he is!

- Kathleen P.  3/17/2012 9:17:32 AM

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Question   talent!
I was just browsing your galleries and focused on your wedding images, kk! What a fine talent you have! The way you capture magic moments and draw out the personality of your subjects is truly exceptional.

- Steve M. Harrington 8/27/2011 8:47:43 PM

  Answer Well!! Thank you so very much, Steve, for looking and for this wonderful comment!! It takes at least two, you know. I have great subjects, and I love what I do. Thanks again!!

- Kathleen P.  8/28/2011 6:43:29 AM

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Question   Your Jericho Road pictures
Hi Kathleen, your Jericho Road pictures are absolutely great. I enjoyed every one of them, and think you are a great photographer. But I believe you already know about how I feel about you, after you took all the good pictures of St. Augustine's in Metairie.

- Thomas Hofer 3/19/2011 2:15:57 PM

  Answer Thank you so much, Thomas!! You kindness and generosity mean a lot to me!!

- Kathleen P.  3/19/2011 2:21:38 PM

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Question   KK PARKER
KK, I love you SO MUCH. You are a wonderful person and I think your talents are ENDLESS....

Much love,
Carl and Randall

- Carl Marceaux 1/2/2011 6:33:13 PM

  Answer Well, I love you, too, Carl. I am happy for you and will always appreciate your kindness to me. Thank you. This comment means the world to me, you know.

Much love back to you and Randall,

- Kathleen P.  1/2/2011 6:50:24 PM

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Question   Pekignese at the cemetary
My grandmother (Dorothy Henne) was at a New Orleans cemetary with her babies and you mentioned the photos would be posted. I checked but don't see any. Please advise. Thanks

- Laurie Babin 11/6/2010 12:27:52 PM

  Answer Laurie, please email me from my contact info page, so I can send you via email your grandmother's photos. What a lovely lady. I have not processed the images from that day yet, but I will get hers to you pronto. Thanks for writing. I was hoping you would!

- Kathleen P.  11/6/2010 7:56:57 PM

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Question   Your Soul
Kathleen, since I met you and even before, I have been a fan of your work. I visit your page often for inspiration. You have a sense for what lies beneath and that is because you have a gypsy's beauty of a soul. Just wanted to let you know, you still rock!

- Robyn Snyder 4/11/2010 2:48:37 PM

  Answer Thank you, Robyn. YOU have the same vision, or you would not have seen it in me! That is why we both rock!!! :-)

- Kathleen P.  4/12/2010 8:15:54 AM

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Question   High quality stuff!
Hey KK, you're really good. Thanks for introducing me to your website and your "stuff"!!

- Dr. Tom Baldwin 6/8/2009 5:01:23 PM

  Answer You have made me very happy, Dr.TB!
Miz KK

- Kathleen P.  6/8/2009 6:10:46 PM

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Question   St. Augustine's pictures
Hi Kathleen, you did a splendid job with the St. Augustine's pictures, and I am looking forward to receiving my copies of the pictures as well as a copy of the directory when it comes out. Excellent work!

- Thomas Hofer 4/23/2009 5:27:59 PM

  Answer Thanks so much, Thomas. I just saw this entry for the first time today. I really appreciate your note to me and you!
Thanks again!

- Kathleen P.  5/28/2009 10:53:03 AM

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